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Problem with voice communication with the new plugin


I’m trying to use the new jitsi-jingle plugin to implement 1 to 1 communication over my company network.

I’ve got Spark 2.6.3 client installed and I’ve deleted all the old plugins references on my and target machines.

I’m experiencing however a couple of problems:

  1. When calling the first PC, we can’t hear each other for two different reasons:

a) We’re using headphones to talk, but he’s able to hear the audio on headphones only if he sets those headphones as default devices in control panel audio section. The audio settings in Spark seem not to have any effect on this.

b) While he can hear me speaking, I can’t hear anything from him. This doesn’t change if it’s me or him calling. I tried changing my default device to the headphones too, but it’s not working.

An Office Communicator call between those two PCs worked flawlessly.

  1. When calling the second PC, if I’m calling that PC the incoming call popup doesn’t show up. If that PC user calls me, he’s able to hear me but I can’t hear him, just like @bullet b above.

An Office Communicator call between those two PCs worked flawlessly.

Given the fact we should install voice support on a network of thousand of people, and that the first 3 PCs I’ve connected aren’t working even after several configuration changes, I am wondering if I’m not doing the wrong thing in using this plugins.

Should I use another solution within OpenFire / Spark to do voice over a company network? Or I am just missing some obvious thing to configure this to work correctly?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, please let me know,