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Problem with wildcard user searching after upgrade Openfire to version 3.10.3


After upgrading our Openfire server to version 3.10.3 searching users with wildcards has stopped working. Please take a look at the attached screnshots. There was no such problem on previous version (3.10.2 I think). Users are taken from and authenticated through Zimbra LDAP.



Works for me (both with * and without) on Openfire 4.0.1 and Spark 2.7.5+. But i’m not using LDAP, can’t test it. @speedy ?

There are some plans to upgrade to 4.x but for now, we are still on 3.x.

We noticed the same behavior in 4.0.3. but is specific to LDAP.

Searching for users, using an wildcard (*) within OF when configured with LDAP does not work anymore.

This is probably related to this change OF-779: fetching from LDAP should escape results. All search criteria are escaped, also the wildcard characters.

[OF-1226] Enable use of wildcard when searching users in LDAP - IgniteRealtime JIRA