Problem with wildfire and pymsn transport

Hi, i used pymsn-t with wildfire. However i had a problem, i used it with JWChat and it simply floods the browser, more then 50 messages appeard to accept the msn contacts to my list. is there a way to auto-accept the contacts from pymsn-transport/msn gateway automatically?

omg… flood flood flood when anyone adds a MSN email with more then 50 contacts there is a ‘‘pop up party’’ asking if i want to accept them to my contact list when i already did that.

Hey anonymo,

Some clients support accepting presence subscription requests though I never saw a way to filter which ones should be automatically accepted and which ones should be manual. If your client is based on Smack or any XMPP library then you are in a better position to add that logic to your application. In other words, you can program/develop/implement that solution. Moreover, if you want to handle this feature on the server then your best bet is to write a plugin that uses a PacketInterceptor to automatically accept subscription requests that where originated by MSN users.


– Gato

yes… but i dont know how to do that

Another alternative is to download the web registration script on the PyMSN-t website, and use it to register with the transport. This script automatically adds your contacts in the right group and with the right nickname.


I have a question, after i add some of my MSN list contact in my roster using ( Wildfire, Versión: 2.6.2 +

MSN transport (pymsnt-0.11), the other contacts on MSN contact list which didn`t accept the msn contacts to my list should see to me “offline” , is that true?

In this moment them see to me online… but them aren´t on my roster…

What`s wrong?