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Problem with xml received?

I get an xmlException error when receiving this back on my socket. I saved it as xml and opened in firefox and it shows and error right after the closing >

When changing the closing bracket to /> it seems to work.


Your help in solving this problem would be greatly apprecied. Thank you.

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which xmlException do you get? I assume that you try to parse the whole - still open - XMPP stream and this causes some trouble for you as the connection is still open and thus no was received by your client.


I believe that you are correct in that the stream is still open and the xml is malformed. If the stream needs to stay open during the entire session how does one go about parsing well formed xml?


I did never care about this low-level problem as Smack is a fine XMPP client library which does this already.

One could take a look at the source code of Smack or Openfire to get some ideas how to parse open stream.