Problema with Asterisk´s server or Spark

I have got:

Wildfire -

Asterisk-im - 1.1.1

Spark - 2.0.0

Asterisk - 1.2.5

*I have 2 sip extensions on my asterisk server: 4310 and 4311

In the Astreisk-im/Phone Mappings are registered 2 sip extensions.

When I dial from spark(4310 to 4311) not happened, in the Asterisk´s server show up:

NOTICE[13718]: channel.c:2437 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to request channel SIP/4310

what´s wrong?



Can you confirm that you can call 4310 from 4311 using your SIP phone. It looks like a problem with your config on asterisk.