Problemas con usuario admin

No puedo ingresar con el usuario “admin” a la consola de administración. Puedo ingresar a la base de datos en SQL server 2000 y ver la password pero cuando quiero ingresar pongo el usuario y la contraseña y me dice que no es correcta, probé cambiarla pero aún así no puedo ingresar.

Alguien tiene alguna posible solución ?


Most people here do not speak spanish, please write in english. If your english is too bad, use

**Problems with user admin **

I can not get to the user “admin” to the management console. I can
access the database in SQL Server 2000 and see the password but when I
want to enter the username and password and tells me that is not
correct, I tried to change it but still can not enter.

Anyone has any possible solution?

Thank you

Sorry, can’t help you with that problem.

Edit the openfire.xml file and add this entry;


Where joe is the name of the admin user you want to access the admin console.

It solves the problem and I could go to the console.
Thank you.

now that you can get in the console edit the other admin password.