Problems ad integration / creating admins


This maybe already answered elsewhere but I’'m not able to find the needed information. I have succesfully added through the ‘‘wizard’’ the needed information for accessing the AD. The testing through the wizards work fine, up to the point where I have to add the admin users. Then the response is that users cannot be found

Here is my ad setup

Widlfire running on Centos 4.4

AD on windows 2003

AD setup:

  • dc=az,dc=ad,dc=maz,dc=local

  • 2 main OU’'s OU=dep, OU=post

I have a user for validating with minimal rights.

After choosing for AD integration

Profile Settings: Connection Settings

Base DN becomes= OU=Dep,DC=BZ,DC=AD,DC=maz,DC=local

Admin DN = (test succesful)

Profile Settings: User Mapping

Nothing change on default setting (test succesful)

Profile Settings: Group Mapping

*No change on default setting (test succesful)

I can fill in usernames but the console just keeps asking names without response

What todo?



C’‘mon guys, this can’'t be to hard

Just a bit of a nudge would keep me started



You have to bounce the service for it to read in the newly completed xml config. If you don’‘t do that it won’‘t allow you to login, as you’'ve already found.

John thanks I was away for a few days

I’'ll try that

Bye for now