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Problems after upgrade to 4.6.6

@totzkotz Maybe you have a different issue (you also mentioned that it was happening to you in versions prior to Openfire 4.6.3). When you see invalid sessions in the admin console, is anyone (that’s not using Bosh) able to connect to the server?

Nope nobody can connect until restart connection listener or server. So there is a chance that the issue has the same origin…

I have read that the guy from apache mentioned the use of TLS? Maybe it also has sth to do with it. I sometimes have SSL Handshake errors…

Ok, let’s try this. In your Openfire ‘lib’ folder, there will be a file named mina-core-2.1.3.jar. Backup that file, and replace it with the one that I’m attaching to this comment. Then, restart Openfire.

When the problem occurs again, you will see a warning being logged that starts with the text “RunTasks for session XX failed” (where XX is a number). It will also contain a stack trace. Please send me that stack trace.

Customized library: mina-core-2.1.3.jar (651.7 KB)

Thanks, i will try it…
But because the problem occurs non-periodically, it can take some time before I can deliver results