Problems compiling with OpenLaszlo

I have never used OpenLazlo before and am really struggling to get the provided surce code to compile into a swf. I am trying to compile code from the Red5 plugin, and in particular the video320x240.lzx file. When I compile with debug I get:

Invalide Delegate …

reference to undefined variable …

The ‘…’ above means that the error repeats. I really for the life of me cannot get this to compile and can not find any simple tutorial explaining how to go about it. All I want to do is recompile the file so that it will take ‘url’ as the parameter and use it rather than using the currently hard coded ‘rtmp:/oflaDemo’.

I assume a .swf file is meant to be generated in the same folder as my files are in if everything goes well?

I am also seeing some ‘Compilation Warnings’ but am assuming that they can be ignored. They are:

The `event` property of methods is deprecated.  Please update your source to use the `<handler>` tag.

which is repeated once for each <attribute> that is defined on the page

Please help, getting Spark to run with video over rtmps is driving me nuts now! I am sure this is the last thing I need to do.

Adding args=“e” as mentioned here:

to each of the <method nods got rid of the ‘Invalid Delegate’ errors but I still have the ‘Reference to undefined variable’ problem and no swf file. Can anyone help please?

If it is of any help, I used Openlaszlo 3.4 to compile originally.

Thanks Dele, that got it going.