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Problems connecting with LDAP... Help Required

I’'m using JM 2.20 and am able to work with embedded database just fine as well as SQL database.

However when trying to use JM with LDAP I’m having problems connecting to the admin site as well as connecting using the IM.

Using Windows 2000 Advanced Server and AD

Below is my config file setting. Can anyone help find the problem?

Few questions:

Under host, is this a computer name, full domain name, or local host? I’‘ve tried everything, doesn’'t work.

and our domain is as follows subdomain.domain.com

so a user on the domain would be user@subdomain.domain.com

Also with AdminDN, is this the display name or the username to log on? I’‘ve tried both, doesn’'t work

I’'ve also tried using third part LDAP Viewers and they can connect fine with the basedn.

Any ideas?

Was able to figure it out. Thanks!