Problems detected after upgrading 3.5.2 to 3.6.0a

After upgrading OpenFire 3.5.2 to 3.6.0a, several problem were detected on our site.

  1. The Monitoring Service page disappeared though the Monitoring Service plugin was installed.

  2. The Advanced Search page disappeared.

  3. The [admin] account cannot log in to thhe admin console.

Its OS is WindowsXP SP3.

Could you please let me know any resolution for those.

Thank you in advance.


Yukari Hirota


For 1 & 2 - did you also upgrade to the latest plugins ?

For 3 - is this the standard login ID or have you changed it ? You can check for the entry admin.authorizedJIDs in the table ofProperty as the tables have been renamed.

I’m assuming that you have verified the application is running and there’s nothing in the error logs to indicate any issues with the DB upgrade when you installed 3.6.0a

Thank you for your reply.

I upgraded the plugins and confirmed they work properly.

Also, I’ve understood how to set admin role to user ID.

So, all the problems were resolved.

Thanks a million.

Yukari Hirota