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[Problems]Hazelcast plugin along with other custom plugins

I use openfire 3.8.1 and hazelcase plugin 1.0.4.

I created a customized plugin(let’s call it myPlugin.jar). Before I apply hazelcast.jar, everything runs perfectly. Because my business has scale requirement, I start to research hazelcast plugin. The problem is, when I deployed both myPlugin.jar and hazelcast.jar and start the openfire, the console log doesn’t show the cluster plugin startted properly. But if I remove myPlugin.jar, I can see from the log that the cluster plugin start correctly.

I tried other plugins (built from openfire source) along with hazelcast and works well. Seems it complains only to my plugin. What’s the possible reason? What can I do to debug this issue?

Closed. It’s jar conflict. myPlugin.jar includes xercesImpl.jar, which will lead to

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.apache.xerces.dom.DeferredDocumentImpl.getXmlStandalone

when enable the clustering plugin. After remove the xercesImpl.jar from myPlugin.jar, the hazcelcast plugin start correctly.