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Problems in mobile chat application

We need help in developing mobile chat application.

  • We are developing a mobile chat application in Sencha as it ensures with single code base we can support all mobile platforms like iOS , android . We zeroed on an open source implementation of XMPP (protocol of chat ) with a Openfire tool set for chat server and used Candy chat client javascript code base as the base.

  • Currently We are directly importing that sample code(Candy chat app) into our Sencha application and the group chat sample works. However when we try to do a one to one chat (like wechat) ,THe chat client opens a new window and will create a new chat room . When two users are connected in the chatroom two tabs are maintained (one is the actual chat and the other is the chat client created window) . I am unable to dismiss the second unwanted tab. Can you help so that the experience of one to one chat is very much like wechat or whatsapp?(question #1).

  • Also We are unable to store the chat history in Openfire DB because this new instance is not yet created in the Database. Can you help with persistance of data in the openfire app?(question #2)

  • Any technology references to create a mobile client (not internet app but mobile app)?(question #3)