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Problems in Spark beta 4 on plugin loading

Hi All,

We made a plugin that runs in Spark beta 3 but when i test it in beta 4, our plugin is not loaded. One of the solutions i made is to check the Spark API in beta 4 and I found out that some of the methods I used were renamed. So, I updated my code and recompile it and once again, I load it in Spark beta 4. But one problem i see is when Spark beta 4 fails to load either (or both) Jinggle Client and Spark Phone, the plugin we created will not be loaded totally. But when, I uninstall the said plugins (Jinggle and Spark Phone), our plugin will be loaded completely.

Probably, there is a problem is Spark beta 4 particularly in loading the plugins. Other plugins must not be affected by a failure of one plugin. I would like to ask confirmation in this forum if this is really a problem in Spark beta 4.



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