Problems joining a room: Is irc gateway funtional?




Java Version:

1.6.0_06 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM




In my attempt to get all of my communications through jabber, i attempted to use the irc gateway plugin today.

I can connect to but i can not join any channels. Once i’m connected i type “/join #bebuin” and nothing happens. Doing a test on the gateway page of my server works fine.

What am i missing here? Is there any documentation about this? Can i have multiple irc gateways so i can connect to more then one server at a time (and not have to change the server location in the gateway set up?


  • Looking up your hostname…

  • Found your hostname (cached)

  • Checking ident…

  • No ident response; username prefixed with ~


/nick MoonWind_w


/join #bebuis

  • Looking up your hostname…

  • Found your hostname (cached)

  • Checking ident…

  • No ident response; username prefixed with ~


/join #bebuis


join #bebuis

Howdy, no you can’t connect to multiple IRC servers from the IRC transport, not yet at least. As for the /join, What client are you using? You used to be able to type stuff “directly to” and have it work, but I had to disable that to account for some improved functionality. Nowadays you are supposed to make use of the standard MUC interfaces. Join a room with like and such. I’ll be the first to admit the documentation ain’t great though. I haven’t had much time to write up good docs. I’m all for volunteers! =D

BTW there’s also a chance that it doesn’t work with all IRC servers. I haven’t tested a ton.


Thanks for the information.

I’m trying to connect this transport to I’m using psi as a client. When the transport connects in one window and nickserv pops up in another.

in the server window i see:

*** is Offline

<> *** Looking up your hostname…

<> *** Checking ident…

<> *** Found your hostname

<> *** No ident response; username prefixed with ~

Nickserv window i see:

*** nickserv is Online

<nickserv> This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nickname.

<nickserv> Password accepted – you are now recognized.

The nickserv window has what i expect, but the server window goes off line and is un-responsive and the nickserv window stays online and responds. Of course i can’t join a room from the nickserv window. It’s bizzare.


The server window and the nickserv window both stay open and on-line. However in trying to get into the room called #sourcemage i fail.

Looking over the documentation it is not clear to me how i would join a room. my server is and i would imagine that has to be in there somewhere.





all just fail with no responce.

Thanks for the help and the hand holding. I’ll be very happy if i can get this working for and even happier when multiple servers are allowed as an an option. Then all my logs will be in the same place and accessible from openfire.

Bearcat M. Sandor

Right, that is expected, you can not join using IRC commands, you have to use MUC XMPP mechanisms. In your Psi client, you should see a Join Chat Room or something along those lines, and you would enter, for example #sourcemage for the room and — assuming your XMPP/Openfire server is As far as I can tell it’s working with firelion, you just need to make use of the XMPP client’s own chat room joining MUC mechanisms. =)

No matter how i work with this i still can’t get into any rooms. Even Freenode.or rejects me. However, i just created a room and while i can get in from the computer that the server sits on, i can’t get my wife’s id from to be able to join from her lap-top. Perhaps since both seem to use the group chat functions this is a related issue.

I’ll post a new question about the group chat, issue.

Thanks for the help.

From you can’t use the im gateway plugin with accounts that aren’t on the same server it’s running on. am i misunderstanding what you are saying?

I was referring to the fact that the user can not join the group chat room that i just set up (not the irc transport). Since the irc transport seems to ride on top of the group chat system (at least the group chat server name is in the address that you use to join the irc transport) i thought it might be related.

I’m afraid the transport doesn’t ride on top of the openfire groupchat system at all. (in fact it’s conference.irc.whatever not irc.conference.whatever) It implements muc entirely in it’s own way.

Wow. I donno why it took me this long to figure it out, but i got into an irc chatroom using the transport following your instructions more carefully. I really did think that it rode on the group chat so i was adjusting the commands as i thought needed. I am stubborn i guess.

However, the sever side logging isn’t showing up, but that’s another topic, which i will make now. I consider this one closed. Thanks again for the help.