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Problems loading 1.3.1-beta monitoring plugin

I’m running openfire 3.8.0 on a Win2008r2 server,

when I try and load 1.3.1 or the 1.2.0 monitoring service, it comes up like the picture

and the links don’t work.

I know the release version of 1.3.1 is due soon, but does anyone have experience with this error, or fixing it?

I think i was getting something similar with some other plugins and it was related to region selected in the Admin Console.

Filed as OF-641 (probably similar to OF-444).

Uninstall the monitoring plugins and rename the beta plugin to just monitoring.jar. Upload and then reindex the archives.


1.3.1 beta 2 fixed my issues! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

hi, after i upgraded to 1.3.1 beta rc1, i dont see any archived mesage after that date. I dw and renamed 1.3.1 beta2 , uploaded, but the same result. Deleted, all monitoring, and reinstalled, no good result. And, when i rebuild index i get this error:(see atach)

My openfire is 3.8.1, on a linux machine.