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Problems logging into Server - Ldap Groups problem?

I’'m using the 2.2.0 server with LDAP Groups through Active Directory. Server had been working fine for a week or so until this morning. Now noone can complete the login process. Pandion hangs at “One moment please…”, Exodus Hangs at “Authenticated, Getting Contacts…”, Neos hangs at “Connecting…”

The Server Console shows the client sessions while they are hung. Exceprt from error log below:

Error Log:

2005.08.15 10:32:40 org.jivesoftware.messenger.handler.IQRosterHandler.handleIQ(IQRosterHandler.java :118) Internal server error


at org.jivesoftware.messenger.roster.RosterManager.getSharedGroups(RosterManager.j ava:155)

at org.jivesoftware.messenger.roster.Roster.

Anything obvious that I’'m doing wrong?

I’'m not sure exactly what is causing this problem but we are getting it a lot here too. If I delete everything from the jiveRoster table my users are able to login again.

If I delete

everything from the jiveRoster table my users are

able to login again.

Well, I figured it out. We removed one of the groups in Active Directory on Friday, and I didn’'t make any changes to Jive to reflect it. I have Jive set to show rosters to specific groups, so it was trying to share a roster with a group that did not exist.

Is there something that could be added to make this a bit easier to troubleshoot? Or just tell Jive that if it can’‘t find a group that it’'s being told to share with, then just ignore it?


Thanks for tracking the issue down. I’'ve filed this as JM-370.



My issue doesn’‘t have to do with removing shared groups from an LDAP source. I have been trying to figure out exactly what is happening but so far I’'m still stumped. It seems to always happen after I shutdown the server and start it back up again. Either shutting down the service and back up or the machine itself. The only thing on jiveRoster at the time of deletion are the transport registrations and their respective contacts. Is there a better way for me to go about debugging this issue?



I am also stumped as to why this is happening with Jive 2.2 and my test lab using Exodus. I have only 2 workstations and 1 server which I have used to test out my installation without any issues. I am using LDAP from a W2K server.

This morning, I upgraded from 2.1.5 to 2.2 and all of a sudden the four test accounts I have in the domain are hanging on “getting contacts” after successful authentication.

I have not deleted any domain groups so it seems strange that this is just popping up. In fact, I had 2 of the client logins working after the upgrade, but they are now not working properly. I have not deleted the roster group, but I guess I will give it a try even though nothing has changed as far a groups.

I have such a simple test lab for trying this out, I should be able to pinpoint this easier.