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Problems sending msgs in yahoo

Weird issue,

I can revieve yahoo messages, but I can’t send out yahoo messages. The other end justs see that I’m typing a message. I get the following in my warn log file.

Error occured while processing packet:

org.openymsg.network.IllegalIdentityException: The YahooIdentity 'myUserName’is not a valid identity for this session.

I’m running IM Gateway 1.2.0 with Openfire 3.4.1


Here is the message that is being sent

2007.12.06 08:13:19

Received message packet: <message id=“MoOA7-47”



type=“chat”><body>test</body><thread>3y49ab</thread>& lt;x

xmlns=“jabber:x:event”><offline/><composing/></x></messa ge>

Is there way to clear out any of the cache that is associated with the IM gateway? There seems to be a problem with my yahoo id(k_diddy). I have created 2 other test accounts and they work just fine. So I am thinking there is something stuck in cache.

What cache? ;D The only real caches that are kept are routing of packets amongst cluster nodes (if your session is not on the node you are connected to for example), and a “is this person registered” for the transport cache. The gatewayRegistration table contains your actual registration info. A restart of the server would clear any memory caches there might be. =/

I’m out of ideas then. Yahoo doesn’t like my username when used through the Yahoo transport.


The papawu411 you saw in the logs, was my secondary yahoo profile that is assigned to my k_diddy account.

I have henced deleted that secondary profile but still no luck.

I have also tried a different client but still no luck.

Hey man! It’s not actually the fact that you have multiples that’s causing the problem. It’s a case issue. I don’t know why yours is capital as per Yahoo, but that possibility needs to be accounted for. See GATE-399 which is dependent on a fix from OpenYMSG. =)

BTW, thanks for helping me debug this!

The reason why it’s all caps, is because when i created it back in 1997, I did it in all caps and I believe back that yahoo was case sensitive. And that explains why some lil kid also has the same username as me.

You’ve got to be kidding me … it’s allowing there to be differing cases of the same username?

I am not 100% sure but for some odd reason i get some lil kids msging me thinking i’m some girl named Kelly.

Any idea when the next version of the IM Gateway with this fixed will be released?

A release will be a couple of weeks out probably. However I’ll try to post an alpha/beta build with the fixes in when I can. Right now I’m not confident in the stability of OpenYMSG. (some works in progress, so I don’t want to apply that to the live plugin)

I have a user with the same issue, any word on an ETA for IM Gateway plugin v 1.2.2?


Howdy! 1.2.2 release is planned for January … something. First thursday in January. Time permitting, I plan on putting out a beta before then.

Sweet! Keep us posted.


The latest version of the IM Gateway has fixed my problem.