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Problems setting ICQ "away" status?


I’m new to Openfire/Jabber, but have Openfire 3.3.3 up and running well with IM Gateway 1.1.3a.

I’m using transports to several systems (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo). For some reason, when my user status goes to “away”, ICQ isn’t updated. It seems to always stay “online”. Other services like Jabber, MSN, Yahoo are updated.

All I could find re: ICQ in the debugging was this:

2007.10.22 11:51:07 icq: Sending packet: <presence to="james@jabber.moonshineridge.com" from=“icq.jabber.moonshineridge.com”><show>away</show><status >Away from my tablet…</status></presence>

Has anyone noticed this sort of behavior? Could it be my client? Any thoughts would be appreciated…

Hrm. Unfortunately I explicitly see it working all of the time on my end. =( I can’t seem to duplicate it not behaving. Anyone else seeing this?

That’s fine. I’ll continue to poke around looking for the cause. Can you tell me is that the only item I should see in the log? Should there be a respose from the ICQ server?

In the debug log you should see an outgoing … I’m blanking on the name of it … something like ExtraInfoCmd that includes ICQ status info as well as a … I think it’s UserInfoCmd or BuddyInfoCmd (I’m not staring at the code at the moment and going off of memory) that includes a simple “away”. ICQ is sort of jammed on top of the OSCAR protocol so the simple away message is for regular OSCAR / AIM style away message handling and then the ExtraInfoCmd is what tells it “but for ICQ, my status is this”. I actually don’t recall if there’s a response from the server.