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Problems starting wildfire

friend’‘s i trying to intall wildfire from .rpm file, and the installation finish good the problem’'s when i try start the server i get the this message and stop "

./wildfire start

Starting wildfire

nohup: appending output to `nohup.out’’

It;s normal it, or i have any problem ?

Please help me, i check the logs and not information about !!


Yep, this normal (I guess, I did not write the wildfire start/stop script).

Do a “man” command on “nohup” (man nohup) to get a description of the command. “nohup” is a method to detached a process from it Parent process this is a way to ensure the parent processes are stop/ended/kill the daughter continues… It a bit more than but process management and process signaling is a bit interesting… Have fun with a little reading if you are interested.

Hey , i try the man , and not see any thing, then i telnet port 9090 and appear to be down!!

The server it’'s stop


Sorry, I just thought that you were wondering that the “nohup” message was about…

If you are using a RedHat system, did you run the post install script in bin/extra?

Also don forget to check /var/log/messages (again Redhat) for additon info.

You might also do a “ps -ef | grep wildfire” to see if a process named wildfire is running.

Other than that I tapped…

hey friend , i check all the logs in the system and not error’‘s , but when i try run wildfire and give me this error , i push CTRL+Z key’'s , and the server start very good.