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Problems Updating GAIM buddy list from Server

Hi guys,

I’‘m using Gaim as my client at my office where we use Jive Messenger as Jabber SErver, my problem is that if I delete a user from the Server these changes aren’‘t reflected in the clients, then Gaim clients have a many users that doesn’'t exists in the server. I can delete the users from each client but that is a very time consuming task, How can I have all the buddy list updated from the server???

I’'m using Jive 2.1.4

I ran into this myself - If you are using shared groups, then delete “blist.xml” on the client PC and it will rebuild. Of course you might want to copy it first in case your setup is different than mine.

It’‘s just JM holds user rosters in cache and doesnt update it immediately (that disturbs me too). If you just wait for some time (maybe hours or next day) these users will dissapear. Well that’'s how it works in my deployment (with Exodus). Or you can restart the server.

BTW, dont you want to upgrade your JM? Latest stable version is 2.2.2 already