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Problems with a fresh install of everything


I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Wildfire and Spark. I put Wildfire on a Windows 2000 box, and it appears to have started successfully… I can get to the admin page from a client PC.

However, on the client PC, I installed Spark… and the Login button is greyed out. I tried specifying a server, going into advanced and specifying the server, restarting the server… the client is XP SP2, firewall disabled. The server has no firewall, and is on a static IP.

Can someone give me an idea of what I’'ve done wrong?



PS: If/when I get this working, it looks most extra-nifty! We’'ll tie in to our existing AD structure, and the coolness will prevail! It looks very well thought out, so far. Grats to the devs!

Hi Bob,

usually you just need to enter the username, password and the server and then the Spark login button will become available. Did you enter these three values?



I’‘m doing a test setup first, so I set up a few basic users, and gave them a single space as a password. Apparently Spark doesn’‘t recognize that space, so it didn’‘t think I had a password entered and wouldn’'t let me log in with it.

So, how would I go about suggesting to the Devs that they put a check into the password routine so it doesn’‘t accept a space as the password? I’'m new here.

And, in the interest of not spawning a dozen threads, would anyone browsing by here know:

Is there a way to autopopulate the server field in Spark on install, to make mass distribution easier?

A useful application for this would be if the contact list showed the users IP address, as we use VNC for support and it would be a lot easier than trying to get the user to find it. Where would I go to learn how to get the IP to show (if that’'s possible), and then to learn how to pass that on to VNC in a command line (or another way?)




the $java.home/Spark/wildfire.xml file (on windows usually but not always %USERPROFILE%\Spark\wildfire.xml) stores the information. Installing Spark and then overwriting this file should do it.

XMPP usually respects privacy, so you’‘ll likely not get the IP address. Even the admin console does XXX show it (*). Using filetransfer it is usually exchanged, but this doesn’'t really help. Anyhow it should be possible to write a server plugin to do so.


(*) fixed/edited: web admin console shows the IP on /session-summary.jsp while /user-summary.jsp does not show it. XXX was not

A server plugin, you say? Alrighty… ummm, where would I start?

Is there a “How to write server plugins” page?

I feel like such a noob today.

Plugin Developer Guide:


have phun

So, how would I go about suggesting to the Devs that they put a check into the

password routine so it doesn’‘t accept a space as the password? I’'m new here.

Consider it reported. I filed JM-560 and fixed the issue for the next release.




Writing a server plugin is definitely an option for exposing the IP address. You might also want to tie that in with a Spark plugin to launch VNC as you mention.

In case you’'d rather not make these customizations yourself, Jive Software has a professional services team that can implement customizations. Feel free to contact us for more details.



Now this[/b] is enough to warm the cockles of my heart! A free piece of useful software with an active, friendly forum and a responsive dev. I think I might get teary It’'s a welcome change from the usual.

As for IP addressessess… I noticed that they do show on an admin page on the server web interface, so they are gettable… but first, I have to pull an AD listing for my branch of the AD, sort it, etc, and right now I just set up a half-dozen users to do some load testing and experimenting. So I’'m sure I have bridges to jump off of before I get to IP…

Thanks everyone!