Problems With Active Directory Integration

I’’,m seing some users in this forum with a problem with Active Directory Integration.

Basicaly the Wildfire acept and resolve the connection with LDAP server, but when try to find users in Active Directory, return with no value.

I try to configure 4 server, but only one is running, another 3 server conect in Directory but are unable to find users.

I,m using the same model of configuration on 4 cases.

I think that can be an configuration on ACtive Directory to permit to ind users.

Any Ideas?


I,ll migrate to Live Communications Server, because a have no resolution to my problem.


“Any ideas?” is probably the wrong question if you post above some lines I and probably some other users can’'t understand.

One may update it’'s own thread after some days if there was no reply and if one needs an answer in time one can also point this out. Maybe you want to do this in further posts, no matter if they are here or in another forum / mailing list.


Moving to LCS is one way to fix the problem.

Another would be to post your LDAP config into the board (from conf/wildfire.xml), and tell us clearly what you’'re trying to do (i.e. which users you want to be able to use, from which ou, domain, forest etc).