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Problems with broadcasting to groups

Hallo folks,

we set up a small openfire server for our EVE Online alliance, no we ran into a problem with broadcasting to groups (with the broadcast plugin).

I try to describe the problem as detailled as possible.

We have set up 2 groups named “eveki” and “evesectwo”

I am an admin an belong to the group “eveki”.

I set up a contact to point to eveki@broadcast.[servername] - as i expected the broadcast works perfect to this contact.

Now i tried to broadcast to evesectwo@boradcast.[servername] - but the contact is offline and have a pending contact request.

Even as i set myself as a member of the evesectwo group the situation stays the same and it is not possible to broadcast to the “evesectwo” group.

Have I done anything wrong? And what ?

Thanks in advance


Sorry for the bump…

nobody has an idea?