Problems with clients login in Pandion

hi ppl, help me please

Hi Pedro,

would you please post some more details, are you trying to connect to a public Wildfire server or one you did set up? Are you using LDAP?

I’'m not aware of a Pandion–Wildfire connection problem.


I may not know Pedro’‘s issue, but here’'s a brief explanation of mine:

I currently have users running Spark on my network. It connects to a Wildfire server that pulls names from Active Directory. When a user logs in to Spark, they are shown with their full AD name, i.e. if user joe logs in, Spark will show Joe Shmoe.

The problem is that in Pandion, when joe logs in, it just shows up as joe. Any idea how this can be fixed? Is it an issue with Pandion or Wildfire not providing the client the proper information?