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Problems With Dial Phone Computer to Computer option


I am facing a Problem with the Dial Phone-Computer to Computer option

Network Infrastructure

Server is Linux (Centos)

Clients run on Windows XP and Vista

There are multiple Vlan configured on manageable switch and the server is connected on the common port of the manageable switch

Spark is the client (version 2.5.8)

Openfire Version : Openfire 3.6.4

All services are allowed to the openfire server on the firewall

The problem am facing is with e Dial phone option,

The first call after I login is successfull

After examining the captured packets between the Client machine and the server, it was found that

  1. The client sends the request to the server with the server name red5.192.168.X.X, but our actual server name is 192.168.X.X

  2. After 2-3 attempts it finally manages to request the server with our actual server i.e. 192.168.X.X.

And then the process runs smoothly, all the transport,content and session related actions are successfully performed.

And the call is succesfull

When we try to call the 2nd time the call doesn’t go through and we get the “No Media received, There may be a problem in firewall configuration error”

In this case the server sends request to the red5.192.168.X.X server only once and continues with that.

Actions related to transport are completed and as soon as the content is accepted, the session gets terminated and we get the above error.

Please Help me with the problem

Thank You


Amit Pednekar