Problems with gmail gtalk and Spark

I wanted to ask is anyone experiencing the same problems. I’m using Spark with Gtalk gateway. On the other end is the users using Gmail (webmail) and it’s integrated gtalk… web applet. It seems that some such users can contact me. Or to be correct, i’m not getting their messages. But not with all of them. I have tried with my brother, and we were able to chat. Though i cant get offline messages and gmail warns him about that. But i cant get a message from my other friend even when i’m online.

And one more problem which i have reported probably years ago. After some time my gtalk contacts in Gmail become away. Though if i relogin they’ll appear as online again.

I have a similar issue when dealing with Gtalk. If i login through spark and then go to my gmail account where Google’s web applet automatically signs me in, i’m not logged off from spark. So if any of my contacts sends me a message after both are open, I never get the message.

If me and a friend are already having a conversation before I open gmail then the conversation is fine.

And I get the impression that sometimes when I’m logged into Gtalk through spark that I must get pushed off (according to other’s lists) although it always says i’m logged in on my application. But if i go to gmail and it signs me in there a friend will send a message as if I just became available on their list.

I have just tested with two gmail accounts. With 1st im logged in with Spark. When i login to 2nd via gmail. This 2nd sees 1st one online, but in Spark i dont see any change, 2nd is still shown as offline. So i have to relogin to gtalk in Spark to get correct presence. After presence establishing i was able to chat in both directions. Strange that i’m not able to chat with my friend while i’m using Spark and she is logged in gmail.

Was there ever an answer for this.

The same thing is happening to me with 3.5.2.

In my own (limited) testing. This might be related to email notifications.

When I have “Enable mail notifications” turned on, I seem to get many more droppedconversations.

When this is turned off, it seems to work better (I have yet to see a lost conversation, but the testing has been very limited).

I hope that helps.



I think this has to do with this bug i reported about the smack library:

(Sorry for the formatting, there’s a better-formatted version at: )

Unfortunately, nobody from the openfire community has answered it, but i have used that fix for a couple of months, and it’s working great.

So, if you are able to apply that patch to smack, and recompile the gateway plugin with that new smack library, i think that should work OK.

Hope that works for you!!