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Problems with Java Memory

Hi, my server has 4gb of RAM, when I try to increase openfire-service.exe whit the next configuration on openfire-service.vmoptions



Openfire Does not work.

The maximum value supported by openfire is -Xmx1550m.

Anybody knows how to increase java memory?


are you running a 32 bit JRE? You may encounter a 2 GB process limit if you set Xmx to a value short below 2 GB as Xmx is only the Java heap. The JVM also has a native heap (40-500 MB) and the Permsize heap (16-128 MB), so setting Xmx to more than 1,5G will likely fail with a 32 bit JRE.


Thanks for your answer,

Yes, I have a 32 bit JRE. What Can I do?


you could use a 64 bit operating system and JVM but you may want to note that a 64 bit JVM uses about - depending on the application - 1.4 to 1.9 times more memory than a 32 bit JVM. So you may have less resources available if you set -Xmx2600m within a 64 bit JRE than Xmx1500m within a 32 bit JRE.

If you really need so much memory within Openfire to handle the rosters, connections, … you could either try connection managers or install a cluster on one server.