Problems with LDAP e AD

Filter Groups.




(memberOf=CN=Openfire Groups,OU=Openfire RTC,DC=domain,DC=msft)



I’m having problems with Filter Groups.

When orders test the filter, the groups appear correctly.

But when I create my Shared Groups, the groups do not appear.

There is even information that are 4 Groups, the more they do not appear.

Try OU=Openfire Groups instead of CN=Openfire Groups

I change (member=, for (CN=), and works.

Thx for replay

Others :

I would like to divide the groups of users by the Department that each belongs, instead of divided by Groups AD.

And one more question:

Why users, only appear in their respective groups when I seto Primary Group of the user as Domain Users?

The LDAP bind only recognizes users, groups, and computers if not excluded, It can not group people by attributes. if you would like to have people grouped by department you need to create a security groupf for that departmnet.

I do not understand the second question.