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Problems with login administrator Openfire 3.6.4

hello all

i have problems with login in Openfire 3.6.4 “” i install how installation guide say… but try login with my info and appear error of login, try

user: admin

pass: 123456

but not let me access, how i can change this pass or view it? i installed database in my local server. i try change in MyPhpAdmin, but i dont know how encrypt.

username plainPassword encryptedPassword name

need know what’s mean cells in database… thx

This is currently a bug of Openfire, restart your server and try again to login.

hi, thx for answer.

then , is better install other version?

stop openfire.

go into openfire/conf, open up openfire.xml. Then just after

add the following:


restart the server. Should allow you to login (but dont change the password directly in the db because you might use wrong encryption)

Hope this helps.

both answers works… thx everyone