Problems with Openfire 3.5.1/Clearspace Community 2.0.3 Ingtegration

Hi All - I am having problems getting full integration between Openfire 3.5.1 and Clearspace Community 2.0.3. Openfire can access users and groups, but Clearspace Real-Time presence integration always comes up as “Not Connected” ans I see no presence info on the users. Here is what I have -

Clearspace Community 2.0.3:

All Web Services Enabled

User Access: Anonymous (this setting scares me as this will be an invitation only site but I’m just trying to get this to work)

Force SSL: No

Openfire 3.5.1:

External Component Settings:

Service: Enabled

Port: 5275

Shared Secret is set correctly.

Allowed to Connect: Anyone (again - scary)

Profile Settings - Clearspace Integration

Proper URI for clearspace (copied from Clearspace)

Shared Secret is set correctly.

Test Settings button gives me a success (and all my Clearspace users show up as users in Openfire, so that part works).

So far so good. Now the problem:

Realtime Connection Status in Clearspace shows “No Connection”

View External Components in Openfire shows nothing.

My gut tells me that this could be a port issue. I am behind a firewall/Nat but have ports for Clearspace, Openfire and the port 5275 open. The URI’s I have entered are all public internet, not the private IPs (Clearspace needs to be configured with the public address, otherwise links to things like blogs tend to break). I also have the normal S2S port (5269) open. I can’t find any documentation on any other ports used but I am assuming since I have 5275 in there that is what it is using.

Has anyone had a similar problem and solved it? Any help would be appreciated.



I have solved this and the solution was far from obvious, so I wanted to post the solution just in case others are having a similar problem.

In Server Settings -> External Component Settings

Under “Allowed to Connect” I set it to “Whitelist” (rather than the recommended “Anyone”). In the table of Allowed Components subdomains I have:

clearspace (the default entry created by Openfire and based on the “Profile Settings” entry)

.clearspace (this is the double secret entry that i had to dig into the openfire debug logs to figure out is needed. is the name of the machine clearspace is deployed on).

I am not sure why the “Anyone” setting didn’t work for me, but I actually prefer this a little more since there is less of a security implication with the whitelist.

I have the same problem (with slightly different versions, OF 3.5.2 and CS 2.0.4), but the External Components solution doesn’t work for me. What’s interesting is that I installed this on a brand new Windows 2003 Dedicated Server (hosted for us) following the exact same instructions wrote down for a local Win2003 Server test box. It worked in Test, it’s not working in “prod”.

If you have any “other ideas” or, even better, solutions, I’m all ears… If I figure it out, I’ll post back here.


What did you find in the logs? I am at a loss and I can’t get this to work.

You are putting me in the way back machine (that was a whole two months ago) but if I remember correctly I found the evidence I needed in the Debug logs of Openfire. I wish I could tell you what the entry actually was, but I really don’t rememeber and those logs are long gone - just search for the word clearspace in them.


Somehow, I got it to connect. Shows up as connected in clearspace, shows up as a session in openfire. All my users in Openfire are authenticated from Clearspace. Now I can’t figure out how to get the presence information to show up in Clearspace. I can’t find any of the setting people are talking about in the disccusion forums. Could be because I am using Openfire 3.5.2/Clearspace 2.0.4beta. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

Just FYI,

Over on the jivesoftware boards at , I posted what got this working for me (see July 10th). Here’s my posting. Maybe it will help…

I figured it out after literally hours of playing with every setting I could think might affect the connection.

In Openfire -> Server -> Server Manager -> System Properties, there’s a default, random “secret string” assigned to “xmpp.component.defaultSecret”. I did not set this, it came with the Openfire installation.

I reverted all the “tweaking” I did, then went to Clearspace Admin -> Realtime Integration, and set the “Shared Secret” to that string mentioned above.

Then I went to Openfire Admin -> Server -> Server Settings -> External Components and set the “Shared Secret” for Clearspace to that key. It’s also displayed above on that same screen as the “Default Shared Secret”.

I don’t know why I couldn’t have a dedicated shared secret between Clearspace and Openfire, but as soon as I set both sides to the default secret, everything started working just fine again.


I have them connected, just can’t het presence information to update. The secrets are the same everywhere. Screenshot attached.