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Problems with Packet Filter

Hi everyone!

I want to block comunication between some group of users to another group, and the Packet Filter plugin can be configured correctly under “Server”-“Server Settings”-“Packet Filter Rules”, everything works fine,However, how can I configure these through client ? is there any xmpp messages I can send to server, so as to set these rules?

I don’t think Packet Filter supports that.

Is there some other plugin has these features? or I have to write by myself and create a new xmpp message in order to implement this function.

I’m not aware of such plugin. There are other plugins which support that (i think User Service), but Packet Filter itself probably doesn’t have an interface to get external commands. Maybe it is possible to make a plugin which will insert rules directly into packet filter table in the database. Or maybe plugin which will simulate web admin actions. Not a developer myself.