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Problems with presence


i am writing a component for jive such that s2s communication between 2 specific servers takes place using my components. one of these servers acts like a proxy for the other one.

i am able to send and recieve messages correctly in this setup but i am having problems with presence. if user A comes online first on his server and user B comes online later on the other server, then A can B as online, but B cannot. however if i update the status of A, then B can see the new status. the situation is reversed if A and B come online in the reversed manner.

is this an issue with Jive or does my code implementing the path between the two components have bugs ? i suspect it is jive because my code prints that is it delivering the correct packets.

Hey akshat,

Seems that the problem is related to probing presences. Iā€™'m not sure how you are defining the users JIDs. Since you are developing a component I guess that you are able to debug the server code. Trying setting a breakpoint at PresenceManagerImpl#probePresence(JID, JID). My guess is that the flow is passing through line 301. If that is the case then make sure that your component, that is acting as a proxy, is forwarding the probe presence to the remote server and that the TO address is a bare JID (not a full JID).


ā€“ Gato