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Problems with printing... need help

I recently came across a problem with the Spark IM client. Our billing/shipping department has a PC set up running our receipts program. We also have them set up with Spark. During the day we’‘ll get clients who’‘ll ask for orders to be billed/shipped differently than their standard account. They’'ll send the message to the billing department. During a busy day, there can be dozens of these messages. The easy solution is to highlight the particular message and print it out.

Unfortunately, no matter what text you highlight, when you right click on the message window and select “print”, it will only print the entire pane worth of messages. You cannot choose “selection”. In addition, our billing/shipping department’‘s computers have multiple printers (laser, receipt, etc) and you can’'t define one as the standard for Spark (you have to select the printer each time you print). The way the rest of the programs are set up, we need a non-standard printer as the windows default printer; so re-selecting the laser printer each time can get pretty annoying.

Is there a workaround? Right now I have the staff copying and pasting the messages into Wordpad and printing from there. But that’'s a very inelegant solution…

thanks for any help,