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Problems with smack 2.2 library in Oracle 10g

Does anybode know about problem with using smack 2.2 library in Oracle 10g ?

Example Java Source in Oracle 10g:

Session is killed by Server, but XMPPConnection does not know about it:

  1. I try test connection before SendMessage by:
if (connection.isConnected() == false){
           throw new XMPPException("Send Message failed");

But, function .isConnected() return TRUE!

  1. I try send message:
     Chat c = connection.createChat("skhmelev@");
     Message newMessage = c.createMessage();
        c.sendMessage(message);     }catch (XMPPException e){
         System.out.println("Send Message failed");
    System.out.println("Send Message successfull!");

But, construction “try … catch” does’t catch XMPPException !

In SUN Java VM working without problems…