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Problems with Spark 2.5.4

(first, I’‘m spanish and my english isn’‘t very good, but I’'ll try that you understand me )


I have installed 110 spark on my work, and a openfire in a server (w2003R2). Most of them work 100% perfect, but there is a 5% of installations that it’'s generating problems:

1.- In 4 PCs the spark client crash without apparent reason. It’'s close itself and I have to restart manually.

2.- In other 5 Pcs, when I try to send a file, the spark crash too.

Most of our installations are Windows Xp prof SP2 (with the last upgrades).

Can you help me to fix this problems? Are there someone with the same problems?

Thank you for your patient!! (and sorry for my english again)

Could you attach the error logs for the two independant issues?

I can’‘t attach the error logs because when I start the spark with debugger and I try to send any file, the spark crash and I can’'t paste the log.

Are there any other way to paste to you this log?

Thank you