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Problems with state of users

I have 70 users in the wildfire server

some of them are connected to the service

but its state in the server is disconnected

and this causes that the other users do not see them in the list of contacts

I use wildfire 2.4.0 linux version and gaim Windows version for client

thanks for all the help that they give me

Hi Jorge,

are you seeing this problem immediately after a restart or is it possible that you have a memory problem with OutOfMemory errors in your log files? If the admin page (/index.jsp) shows 90% used you should increase the values as describe in the installation guide.


thanks for the help

the server is not restart from December of the 2005

and only have 63mb of memory, today I updatec to 256mb and could see all online, but the levels of used memory raise until 67% - 70% (170-180 mb)

Hi Jorge,

did you set Xms also to 256m? If you did please set it to 48m, that’‘s a much better initial value. So you shouldn’'t see 180 MB used memory, but maybe 70 MB if all users are connected.


just copies the example of the documentation and I put both values equal, I am going to change to the value that you say to me…