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Problems with text encoding (corrupted text from ICQ)


I have ICQ transport (IM Gateway) on my OpenFire server. The problem is: We are using Russian (cyrillic),when I type the message (on Russian from jabber by transport) and send it to anybody on ICQ, they resived it ok. But when they type and send message to me (from ICQ to Jabber) I’m receiving some currupted text,kind of hieroglifs.

I did try to change encoding types in settings of transport (same ) but for both (ICQ and Jabber)

Is any solution?


To me such problems appeared after switching from Win2000 to XP. So i had to change encoding in ICQ transport’s settings to windows-1251. You wount be able to read that corrupted and maybe older history messages.

Try to change iso-8859-1 to cp1251 in plugins/gateway/web/WEB-INF/options/icq.xml. In Options of ICQ Transport Encoding must be cp1251 too. Its work for me.

You shouldn’t need to change: plugins/gateway/web/WEB-INF/options/icq.xml

That setting serves no purpose except to provide a default value to the web interface. The proper place to change it is under Options as you specified. =)

I didn’t check with current versions of openfire&gateway, but under openfire 3.4.1 & gateway 1.2.0 without changes in icq.xml some native ICQ contacts receive garbage instead of cyrillic text…

That makes no sense. =) That file is literally never read except for by the web server when it’s displaying the settings page. The settings are never used elsewhere. The Settings page sets the system property plugin.gateway.icq.encoding which is referenced by the gateway plugin anytime it needs to set an encoding. If that value is not set, it punts to iso-8859-1.

Thanks lads. I’m trying to do all. But it is getting worst. And i’m on 3.4.1 & 1.2.0 same story on it. can’t fix it yet.

When i change it in cp1251 it is working on me (jabber) but it is going abrakadabra on ICQ client and i did try lots different clients. Same.And the others

encodings as well

ICQ is, unfortunately, very stupid. Both sides of the equation have to have the same encoding set. … but wait! That’s not all! There’s also a “unicode” flag. If there’s a flag set for unicode, you can actually send unicode to the client and expect them to display it properly.

Anyway, are you certain that they have their encoding set to cp1251?

And same story if Jabber to Jabber through ICQ transport.

May be it some problem with server machine Win 2003 ?

I haven’t the slightest idea what problems “could be caused” by windows of any variety. But are they on the same host? (jabber to jabber)

Jabber to Jabber on the same host. But I using ICQ transport on this Host and the other fella on another.

I put cp1251 and i can read russian clear but the opponent seen ??? ?? like this.It is no sense.

When you say you can read it just fine, if both are connected to the same host, that doesn’t make a lot of sense because they’re both using the same encoding scheme. (note that the encoding scheme changes don’t trigger until the next time you log in)