Problems with Zimbra Ldap and groups

After setting up the following config(attached) i use the test settings and it shows all my users, it shows all my groups and how many members.

After this is completed all users exist, all groups exist, buut the groups dont have any members.

A ldapsearch for the same filter gives e.x:

ovi, people, domaincom

dn: uid=ovi,ou=people,dc=domain,dc=com



The group exists in the Openfire, but shows:

1 ovi members 0 admins 0

How can i possibly fix this? Is it a bug? Running Openfire 3.7.0 on Debian Squeeze with JVM 1.6.0_24 (364 Bytes)

My guess is that this is because zimbraMailForwardingAddress returns the username with @ and domain afterwards. Is there a way to “regexp” or something this away?