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Procedure on how to rename a server

I am running openfire-3.7.1-1 on a Centos 5.78 server and I am in the need to rename the server and I was wondering if there

is a document/procedure on how to accomplish this without killing the service

I would appreciate any help given.

Thanks, Great Product BTW !

Do you mean without turning it off or what? I think you will have to rerun the setup process. I never have done this myself, only have read on the forums few times. You can make a backup of your server and then give it a try. After a backup stop the server, edit /openfire/conf/openfire.xml and change the last tag to false, run the server again and go to the Admin Console. It will show a setup process again. go though it and specify different domain name. I think by doing this it should change all your users IDs, etc, unlike if you just change it in the system properties.

Thanks for your response !

I am sorry … What I meant to say is without breaking the service … I knew I would have to restart the service, My Bad …

So if I want to rename the server (based on what you have read) is

stop the service

modify the entry in /openfire/conf/openfire.xml to false

go to the admin console and go through the setup again

specify a new domain. (to match the new server name)

Sounds simple enough …

Will the setup process leave all the other options alone ?

Thanks again.

Yes, your current settings will appear as you go through the setup steps.

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