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Process for checking clustring working or not in openfire

hi , can anyone please tell me how to test clustering process in openfire , ihave just completed the following steps and i don’t know what to do ahed
1- i have added Hazelcast plugin in our plgin
2- After that enable clustering in server->server Manager ->enable

it is showing me one detail inside Cluster Overview

please suggest me what to do after this


That’s pretty much it. You’ll need to install a second server on a second host, but instead of running through the guided setup, copy the contents of openfire/conf and openfire/resources/security from your original host to the second host.

If both hosts are on the same LAN, they’ll cluster together. If they are not, you’ll need to edit conf/hazelcast-local-config.xml (*) to that both nodes can find each other - there are links to the documentation in that file to help you.

(*) If you’re running hazelcast 2.3.0