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Profile Settings Field length too short to contain multiple LDAP server names

Reposting to follow the new Community Process… originally at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/28672?tstart=0

I have found some bugs in the Profile Settings screen and in the Profile Settings Edit screen.

This is against Openfire 3.3.2

Repro Steps:

Try with a fresh install or an existing install you will see the same results.

If you have two LDAP/AD servers setup in a failover configuration, eg. “server.one.contrived.example.internal.corp.ds server.two.contrived.example.internal.corp.ds”,

Bug 1: the Profile Settings screen will not display both server names (it assumes 50 characters)

Bug 2: the Profile Settings edit screen will not allow you to enter more than 50 characters and will truncate any existing string to 50 characters.

You must stop the server, manually update the openfire.xml configuration file, and restart the server after you have finished with the configuration process.

Workaround: don’t use the Profile Setting edit screen to prevent configuration corruption.