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Program used as a Spying Tool by Company

My company is using this program and actively using it to see what their co-workers are saying/typing, is that what this program was meant to do?

Spark is an instant messaging client meant to provide a way for users to chat with each other. Depending on a server/settings history can be stored on the server for archiving/compliance reasons or just for a user to be able to view history on any device. Spark is also saving history locally on computer (if this setting is not disabled) for a user to be able to see previous conversations.

Aside technical stuff. Any application can be used to monitor (“spy”) users. One can check your browsing history or log it on main company’s network device (router, firewall). Just because companies can use it for collecting information it doesn’t mean browsers are meant to spy on people. This is up to companies what policies they have and what they do with software.

I agree…most times this falls under “monitoring of electronic communications”,“acceptable use”, “end users agreements”, or “information security” type policy. I’m sure if you review your employee handbooks and other company policies, you’ll find something like that. Its no different than a policy that states that email is being monitored. Typically most companies don’t review this information unless there is a specific reason to do so.

well my main concern is, this program was used to replace another one which I signed a waiver for, but not this one and I got in trouble but never signed a waiver for… but you answered my question, thank you