Programmatically grouping users

Wildfire’‘s LDAP is very good as it lets users login straight away. What we’'d like to do is then programmatically put users in separate conferences, buddy lists etc.

The goal is a user to login to wildfire using their chat client of choice and have a preconfigured list of contacts and be members of pre-created groups in wildfire.



Hi Alistair,

You might want to take a look at the registration plugin to see how to automatically add users to a single predefined shared group. Modifiying the plugin or writing one of your own to add users to multiple groups would be fairly easy modification.

Hope that helps,


I’'m interested in the progress of your problem. Have you successfully implemented the automatic grouping? Where can I get the source code for UserRegistration.jar plugin?

Hi William,

This isn’'t something I was working on however the registration plugin source is part of the Wildfire source that can be downloaded or checked out from SVN.

Hope that helps,


Oopps - sorry ryan - I just emailed you about this. heh my search didnt turn this up.

This is definetly something my company would like as a feature as well. I have too many other tasks at the moment to figure this one out -but perhaps I can make some time and look into it.

We’'d like the same features from the registration plugin, it certainly would be nice to have pre-configured groups for users.

Shouldn’'t be too hard to modify…just hard finiding the time :smiley:


The Registration plugin is implementing UserEventListener. These are the methods that related to the UserEvent

  • userCreated

  • userDeleted

  • userModified

What I need is to be notified when the user has successfully logged in thru LDAP. Something like LoginEvent. Is this possible? Any suggestions?

I found the solution and it works like a charm.

Upon successful login, a new session is created. So by implementing the SessionEventListener will work.