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Project Pampero is not clustering :(

It is good that wildfire team is working on Project Pampero for scalability so that it can support thousands of clients. But I wonder how many people in this forum have such user base. Personally I would prefer wildfire to have clustering instead of relying on a sigle server to handle a thousand connection. These days, hardware are not that expensive (well, for Wildfire requirement, thanks to its efficiency, one veteran user has suggested me that 800Mhz AMD 756MB is more than what Wildfire need) In that case most of the Mid size business can support two wildfire server for fail over. I can set up one serer in HQ and another one at the brach site. If something goes wrong with one (e.g. power outage at one site), the user can still be online through the other server. Well, just my wish.



I wish Pampero is also handle server clustering to achive greater performance.


Clustering is the next project we’'d like to tackle after Pampero.