Project TuiVox: Empowering distance learning, charities and social networking

Q: What does this have to do with Spark?
A: Spark and Openfire are the foundational technologies for this project

About Project TuiVox

Vision and Goals:

The vision for this project is to use tried and tested technologies merged in a hyper-specific manner to create a 3D virtual “world” with numerous features and update an existing Instant Messaging program to provide an interface to that world and its associated components.

What is being sought

Currently seeking individuals primarily with a will to develop something to aid distance learning, charities and social networking, maturity and the right “heart”, knowledge of Spark/Openfire, extensive knowledge of Java and its API’s and Webdesign, familiarity with 3D work/VRML is also a big advantage.

If you are interested and have a moderate amount of time please PM to this account stating your interest, hobbies, and experience with any of the above.