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Properly unbind WebAppContexts in Plugin destroy

Hello Community,

I am struggling for a while now to get a plugin reload working with properly rebinding the WebAppContext.

Each time I reload, jetty won’t accept connections to the WebApp Context path anymore thus resulting in a 404 for the clients.

My initializePlugin contains the following:

componentManager = ComponentManagerFactory.getComponentManager();
    componentManager.addComponent(serviceName, this);
catch (Exception e) {}
contexts = HttpBindManager.getInstance().getContexts();
context = new WebAppContext(contexts, developmentPath, PropertyConstants.WEB_APP_CONTEXT_PATH);
securityHandler = formAuth(...);


PropertyEventDispatcher.removeListener(this);  try  {      componentManager.removeComponent(serviceName);      componentManager = null;  }  catch (Exception e) {}  if (contexts != null)      contexts.removeHandler(context);    if (context != null)      context.destroy();    if (securityHandler != null)      securityHandler.destroy();    context = null;  contexts = null;  securityHandler = null;

Is there anything else needed to destroy the WebApp Context?

Any helping clues would be much apprectiated



Changes related to this were applied to Openfire 4.1.5. Are you using that? The changes are tracked as OF-1326.

If memory serves, there now are addJettyHandler() and removeJettyHandler() methods that you can use for this.

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