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Property to change the audit log file location?

Is there a way to change the location of the audit log file? I have a stoopid Perl script that grovels through that for some basic usage statistics and it’'s kind of a pain to have the location change when I install new versions of Messenger.

Is there a system property that controls the location of the audit log files?

Hmm. sniff sniff do I have BO?

No one has any thoughts on this?

Matt or Gaston, could you create a JIRA issue for this, please?

Looking at the code, it’‘s not currently possible, although a patch wouldn’'t be that hard to write. In src/java/org/jivesoftware/messenger/audit/ I see the following properties being set:

xmpp.audit.maxsize - implements setMaxFileSize()
xmpp.audit.logtimeout - implements setLogTimeout()
xmpp.audit.maxcount - implements setMaxFileCount()
xmpp.audit.message - implements setAuditMessage()
xmpp.audit.presense - implements setAuditPresence()
xmpp.audit.iq - implements setAuditIQ()
xmpp.audit.xpath - implements setAuditXPath() (Looks like this is not implemented yet)

You can get a description of these functions here. Looking in spi/AuditorImpl.java it looks the only function that needs to be changed is rotateFiles(). If you replaced calls to JiveGlobals.getHomeDirectory() with a system property, like xmpp.audit.logdir, you could fix the problem.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the improvement request. In the next nightly build you will find the improvement. You can now configure the path from the admin console.


– Gato