Proposal: Make conferences tab optional


I would like to enhance in Spark functionality to make conferences tab appearance optional in spark

By default, In Spark we have two tabs: Contacts Tab and Conferences Tab.

There may be users that don’t want to use the Conferences Tab, in case they would like to provide a dedicated plugin for Conferences

I am thinking that may be useful to make it optional

I see two ways to enhance this:

  1. Use a system property variable

  2. Put a property in

I am very opened to contribute with a patch

Any feedback is appreciated,

Thanks, Mircea Carasel

I think that this has to be considered. We would achieve a very clean and light Spark screen. The access to the conferences would happen via the action menue. How about a public preference in the “appearance” section (we have a similar option for the transports). Recorded as

Please leave it as a public option. I need my conferences tab and rooms bookmarks easily accessible.


It appears the conferences tab is missing in 2.6.2.

Does anyone know how to get them back?

I’ve checked “Show conference service in tab” in Apperarance and restarted spark but they are still missing.

Tested on windows XP and Win7 64.

The tabs show up properly in the Linux client however so it appears to be isolated to the windows client.

Checked with nightly build 467. Conference Tab is visible.

Please check with a new profile. Anything in the error log?