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Hi Matt,

Just wanted to drop a note saying thanks for the changes you’'ve made in the ProviderManager, etc area. Now I can get those delay stamps from the groupchat!

Seems to be working well so far, but a gentle reminder that the documentation for ProviderManager ain’'t right

Thanks again & take care,



Glad you’'re finding the feature useful! Can you remind me about what is not right about the docs?




Where you talk about adding a packet extension to the smack.providers file, it shows the entry element name as “xProvider” but the code is looking for “extensionProvider”.

It also is looking for the “elementName”,“namespace” and “class” sub-elements as with the IQ provider.

Also, to clarify: Where you say “If multiple provider entries attempt to register to handle the same namespace…”, it seems that now it’‘s “single provider per elementname/namespace pair” if I’'m interpreting the code correctly (and I definitely may not be!

Take care,


Thanks for pointing that out. I’'ve now cleaned up the comments around packet extension providers.